Brushes, Bristles, and Blow Outs

We all know a good Blow Out can make you looking good and feeling confident throughout the day and we here at David Rios Salon know all too well how important a good brush can make the difference between a sub-par hair dry and the professional salon experience. Today we thought we’d share our favorite brushes here in the salon and go over some key differences and what to look for when picking out your own.


First, it is important to know your hair length because it will determine what size rounded brush you need (flat brushes work on any length). For those of you with short hair, target a brush that has a diameter of 1.5 inches or smaller. Short hair is chin length or shorter. If you have medium length hair which is chin to shoulder, consider a brush size of 1.6 to 3 inches. For long hair look for 3 to 5 inches.

*If the brush tends to get stuck in your hair it’s too small. a proper sized brush should glide through your hair.



There are two types of bristles we carry. Nylon and Boars hair. Nylon is a flexible plastic that allows you to gently get the knots out of your hair. The other is real Boar hair which is why Boar brushes are significantly more expensive. Boar hair provides more tension which reduces frizziness better than the nylon bristles. This tension makes it harder for hair to pass through and isn’t recommended for beginners but with practice your hair will look amazing.

Blow Out

When blow drying your hair the most important thing to do is take your time. We know how busy you are but there really isn’t any substitute to a patient well done blow dry. To get the salon quality look at home use hair clips to hold hair in place. When drying your hair it is important to make sure most of the moisture is out of your hair because brushing wet hair could damage it. Think of drying your hair in parts, bangs, top,back, left, right, and clip away the hair you’re not drying to make it easier. Roll your hair into the brush and and pull drying at the same time. Twist the brush the add dimension and a slight curl to your hair!

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