Products for Styling Short Hair

Short hair is one of the most popular lengths for men and is growing in popularity for women as well. Short hair also happens to need styling products to keep your hair looking great throughout the day. A lot of people, especially men, think styling products are for keeping spikes or pompadours looking nice but a good styling product can be used for business professionals that want to keep their hair flatter and looking sharp throughout the day and through the wind of the city. Here are some of our favorite styling products all of which can be found in the salon.

Baume Densite Homme $33 baume-densite-homme

This styling paste is a favorite among our stylists. The Densite Homme line of products distinguished by black packaging is designed for men but the Baume Densite Homme works great for women too! This texturizing paste provides a nice firm hold but is still flexible enough to be repositioned. This is a favorite by Alex.


Laque Couture $36 10802603-1406043637-111499

This hair spray is a medium hold spray that has just enough hold to allow it to be repositioned with out making your hair hard or too soft to style. This spray features UV, color, and heat protection. This a favorite by Sasha and Shirley.

adela cynthia

Tecni Art Next Day Hair $28 next-day-hair

This hair spray is a dry finishing spray which means its applied after hair has finished drying is meant to give you that “next day hair” look. It will give your hair a nice disheveled, tussled look. This a favorite by Kelly.


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